Building Your Own Automation Tiles
  • 12 Apr 2022
  • 1 Minute to read

Building Your Own Automation Tiles

Automation tiles are the combination of a QR code and a NFC chip (NTAG213), both programmed to launch a URL.

Every time the tile is scanned or tapped, the user is redirected to the relevant section of your Members Portal. If the user reading the tile has the Passport app or its white-label equivalent on their phone, the app automatically opens on relevant section.

You can design and build your own tiles any way you want, as long as you stick the correct QR code and write your NFC chips correctly.

Get in touch with us at to get more information about the specific NFC chips and materials we use if you'd like to give this a go.

NFC Tools is a good app to write NFC tags and program the tiles using your phone. Each NFC chip just needs a single URI record with the full URL of the tile.

You can find this URL in the record of each tile you've created in Nexudus under the Execute tile URL field.