• 27 Apr 2023
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What are Check-ins?

Check-ins are essentially logs of when your customers arrive at your space and when they leave it (check-outs).

Check-ins serve multiple purposes including knowing who's in your space at all times or keep track of customer's presence in your space via reports. You can also use the check-in system to limit the amount of time that members on a specific plan can spend in your space, by setting appropriate time limits in your plans.

How Check-ins Work

Customers can check-in using one or multiple of the following methods:

Manual Methods

Manual methods mean that either you or the customer manually need to record the check-ins and check-outs.

An admin manually records check-ins and check-outs via the Operations section on the Admin Panel.

Customers enter their PIN code or tap their phone with the Passport app open to check in and out of your space.

Customers are checked-in and out of your space when they tap an access card on a RFID reader connected to a device that's also connected to your Nexudus account.

Automated Methods

Customers are automatically checked in when they connect to your space's Wi-Fi network. If their device stays inactive for more than 15 minutes they're automatically checked out.

Customers are automatically checked in and out of your space when they unlock specific doors that you've connected when completing your access control system integration.

The check-in methods you decide to implement willl vary based on how you want customers to be able to check-in.

Customers will always need passes or access tokens in their account to check in to your space.

If they don't have a valid pass or access token, they simply will be recorded as a failed check-in.

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