Creating Shareable Links for Resources
  • 14 Sep 2022
  • 1 Minute to read

Creating Shareable Links for Resources

Article Summary

Unlike products and plans, resources don't have shareable links by default. You can easily create links for any of the resources you publish on your Members Portal. Shareable links are a great way to redirect opportunities and customers to the booking page of a specific resource. You can also include these links in newsletters, emails, or even reminders.

Before you can create the relevant shareable links, you need:

  • The ID of each resource that needs a link.
    You can easily collect each resource's ID by following our tutorial on Finding Resource IDs.
  • Your Members Portal URL
    Whether you use a custom domain/subdomain or the default subdomain we provide, just copy the URL of your Members Portal home page.

Once you have all your resources IDs and your Members Portal URL, all you need to do is combine them with an additional snippet.

  1. Add your Members Portal URL to a browser tab or a file.

  2. Add the following snippet after the URL.

  1. Add your resource ID after the = sign, without any space.

Your URL should now look similar to the one below, with your Members Portal URL and resource ID instead of and 1004710710


Save that URL and repeat the process for every other resource that needs a shareable link.