Hosted Payment Pages
  • 28 Feb 2022
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Hosted Payment Pages

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What Are Hosted Payment Pages?

Hosted payment pages let you process customer payments through any third-party payment providers that isn't currently integrated with Nexudus.

Nexudus doesn't support a card payment provider named PayProv that is popular in your region. You can create a custom payment page through PayProv's API and have your customers pay their invoices via this provider.

You can have up to three (3) hosted payment providers enabled in each of your locations.

How Hosted Payment Pages Work

Hosted payment pages work like other payment method available in Nexudus. However, instead of using an integration already set up by Nexudus with a payment provider, you build your own hosted payment page with the provider of your choice.

Hosted payment pages should be set up by a developer before enabling the option on the Admin Panel.

Custom payment pages are built using the API of the payment provider you want to use and Nexudus.


Once the hosted payment page is created by your developer, you can add it as a payment method via Settings > Payments and currency > Payment methods on the Admin Panel.

Using a Hosted Payment Page

As soon as you save your changes, the hosted payment page is enabled in Nexudus and customers will see the custom payment option next to their unpaid invoices.


Customers who click on this option will be redirected to the hosted payment page that you created in partnership with the payment provider of your choice. They will be able to pay for their invoice through that page before being redirected back to the Members Portal as they complete their payment.

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