Customers Must be Over 18 to Sign up
  • 04 May 2022
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Customers Must be Over 18 to Sign up

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This validation rule helps you prevent customer registration if the user doesn't confirm they are over 18 when signing up. Setting up this validation rule is a two-step process.

Step 1. Creating a Custom Field

Since the signup form doesn't include a field that lets customers confirm they are over 18 by default, you need to create a custom field and include it in the signup form.

  1. Log in to the Admin Panel if you aren't already.

  2. Click CRM > Custom Fields.

  3. Click Add custom field.

  4. Add your age confirmation prompt in Field name.

  5. Select Customer (publishable) as the Record type.

  6. Select Options as the Field data type.

  7. Add Yes and No as Available options.

  8. Select Account details as the Show field option.

  9. Click on the Visibility tab.

  10. Enable the Include this field in the sign-up form and Make this field required toggles.

  11. Click the Save Changes button.

All set! You now need to check the number associated with your custom field.

Simply tick the checkbox next to any of the listed custom fields and click Export in the Bulk actions menu.

Open the XLS file that you just exported on your device and check your custom field's number in the CustomFieldIndex colum. Copy and save this number, you'll need it in the next step.


  1. Log in to the Admin Panel if you aren't already.

  2. Click Add rule

  3. Click on Manual entry

  4. Name your rule.

  5. Add a short Description of your rule.

  6. Enable the This rule is active toggle.

  7. Select Customers in the Record type drop-down list.

  8. Add the Error message to display if the validation rule is not met.

  9. Add the following snippet to the Formula field.

record.IsNew = False OR record.Custom= "Yes"
  1. Add your cusom field number after record.Custom without adding any space.

For example if you custom field number is 1, your formula would be:

record.IsNew = False OR record.Custom1= "Yes"

  1. Click the Save Changes button.

All done! Your validation rule is now live. We recommend you test your rule to make sure it works as you intended.

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