Data Exports
  • 06 Dec 2022
  • 1 Minute to read

Data Exports

What Are Data Exports?

Nexudus lets you export data from any list on the Admin Panel. All the data available in your account for this specific type of record type is exported in a single XLS file.

This is particularly useful if yo want to access and use your space's data beyond Reports and Nexudus Explore.

How Data Exports Work

You can export data by ticking the checkbox next to any of the listed record and then clicking on Export records in the Bulk Actions menu.


All the records available in your account will automatically be exported, regardless of how many you select.

If you want to limit the records included in your export file, use the Views menu or any of the Filters available.


For example, you only want to export customers who are part of a certain team and/or have a company account.

Exports only takes a few seconds and you can find your XLS file in the Downloads folder of your device.

Check out our tutorial on Exporting Data from Nexudus for more details.