Detailed Pricing (Workplaces)
  • 26 Apr 2024
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Detailed Pricing (Workplaces)

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Detailed Workplaces pricing is available at in Euro, US Dollar and British Pound. You can also get in touch with our sales team at for detailed pricing in your currency.

You can get a 21-day free trial via our contact form.

Once your trial ends, you'll automatically be charged based on the pricing detailed below.

If you don't add payment details before the end of your trial, your account will automatically be suspended.

Baseline Subscription Pricing

The Workplaces baseline subscription is charged based on the number of meeting rooms and the total number of seats across your space. If you manage a network with multiple locations, each location is calculated and invoiced individually.
The minimum Workplaces subscription price is €/$/£150.

Visit for a full pricing scale.

Features Pricing

Nexudus Explore is a free reporting and data analysis feature.

Nexudus Explore Pro has a fixed €/$/£100 charge and an additional €/$/£25 charge per location in your network.

For example, if you manage a network with three locations, you'll be charged €/$/£175 per month, regardless of the number of locations that effectively use the feature.

Apps Pricing

The table below details the pricing for each Nexudus app.

Nexudus AppPrice Per Month
Passport by NexudusFree
White-label Passport by Nexudus€/$/£150 every 5 locations

Integrations Pricing

The table below details the pricing of our paid integrations.

This pricing table doesn't include what some providers will charge you to use their services.
IntegrationPrice Per Month
ACT365€/$/£50 per location enabled
Digital Signature*€/$/£15 per location enabled + €/$/£0.50 per signature past the 30th signature every month
Doordeck€/$/£50 per location enabled
Google BigQuery*€/$/£100 per location enabled
RADIUSMinimum price €/$/£65 per month with 5 access points included / €/$/£6 per month for each additional access point

*Only available to Workplaces Enterprise customers.

Support Plus and AMA package

Email support is included in all Nexudus subscription at no additional cost. You can upgrade to Support Plus for quicker response times and a dedicated support specialist.

Standard training calls with one of our support specialists cost €/$/£175 per hour.

You can upgrade to our Ask Me Anything (AMA) package that includes 4 hours of call every month and costs €/$/£300 per month.

The AMA package has a minimum subscription period of 3 months.

For more information, check out AMA Support Package

Members Portal customization

We strongly recommend hiring professionals to customize your Members Portal. We offer a list of IT & Web design consultants who've worked with us and have experience customizing Nexudus.

If you cannot find a suitable professional, we can help you with minor customization such as editing existing Members Portal pages or adding simple custom pages.

Minor customization requests are charged €/$/£175 per hour.

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