Early Access to Version 3
  • 25 Aug 2022
  • 9 Minutes to read

Early Access to Version 3

Article Summary

Nexudus Platform Adminsitration

If you landed here, you have been invited to have early access to the latest and finest version of the Nexudus Admin Panel.

This update will be rolled out to all customers in the next few months, but we could not wait to let you see it! All your data is always up-to-date in both versions, no migration required.

You and your team can access this new version and switch between versions as you like. Any changes saved in one version will also be immediately available in the other one. While you are exploring the new version, you can always go back to the current one as needed.

So you have these handy while you transition between them, these are the two different URLs:

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback about this new version, we are all ears at feedback@nexudus.com.

Migrations videos

We have put together a series of short clips to help you understand the key differences in version 3 to help ease your transition. You can watch them here.

What is this version about?

This is the third iteration of the Nexudus Admin Panel. We tweaked the design and structure of version 2 and focused on improving the following areas:

  • Improved Navigation & Searches
  • Data Representation & Management
  • Booking Calendar Improvements
  • Floor Plans & Occupancy
  • New Record Wizards
  • Compatibility With Smaller Devices
  • Accessibility
  • Code maintainability

Improved Navigation & Searches

One of the most obvious changes in the new panel is how records are displayed and how you can search them. Opening records now happens in a stackable side panel that preserves the state of the previous screens. This means you can always go back to a listing or pick up where you left off once you close the record.

For example, if you are working on the second page of a filtered list of customers, accessing the details of a customer won't affect the state of that list. Leaving this customer's detail page will also leave the user in the same exact position in the list.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (4).gif

Every listing now includes up to 3 search tools:

Search Bars

A basic search bar using a default search field, displayed within the bar.



The Segments menu which filters the list based on common or business-related needs.
For example, the visitors list lets you quickly select visitors Expected today or On site.


The Filters menu with all the fields each list can be searched by. All listings can be searched by Created on and Last updated on dates. Most listings also include additional searchable fields.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3).gif

This menu uses different input types based on the type of data associated with the selected search field.

For example, choosing a date field will automatically display a date range selector while choosing a text field will display an input box.


Date fields now also include a set of date ranges commonly used by most spaces such as This month or Year to date.


If you manage a network and location filters are available in the selected list, you can now include multiple locations in your search.


Navigating between multiple records is now easier and clearer. Whenever this feature is available, an arrow and a hover tooltip are displayed to help you navigate to the related records.

Reports and documents now open as separate tabs to let you access several of them at the same time.


The same feature is available in the Web template editor to let you easily switch between files via their individual tabs.


Data Representation & Management

We focused on making listings as clear and informative as possible to give you all the information you need at a glance.

For example, most listings now include a map marker icon and show the location associated with the record.


When no data is found in a list and you're looking at specific location's data, we now display a shortcut to show data for all locations in the network.


If you manage multiple locations in different time zones, calendars and date picker fields will display the time zones or expected date values.

Most record types now also have associated icons that are displayed across the Admin Panel. The icons are designed to help you identify the type of record you are creating or editing at a glance.


The new wizards let you quickly add groups of records based on common scenarios.

For example, you can now create a new account for staff members or a team with members for companies and their employees in just a few clicks.


Bookings Calendar Improvements

The Bookings Calendar was updated to help you search for available resources as well as create or update bookings faster.

As with V2, it is possible to show resources across locations but V3 groups resources by location, showing a heading for each of them.


It is also possible to type the name of the resource to quickly filter the entire calendar by that name. Searches can apply to a specific location or include all locations.


You can drag and resize bookings directly in the calendar. A confirmation message is displayed showing the change of resource and/or time to prevent accidental edit.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (5).gif

Any resources linked to desks or other items in the floor plans will show under each connected resource. You can book a specific unit directly from the calendar and move bookings from one unit to the other through a simple drag and drop in the calendar.


The new layout of the bookings form includes a few elements that will help you check availability and price more quickly.

Similarly to the Members Portal, there is a full day availability timeline that shows other bookings for the selected room. You can also update booking times by simply clicking on this timeline.


The price section now shows the base price. This base price includes any time or booking credit the customer may be able to use and the total to pay, including any products or paid guests.

The Operations section of the Admin Panel includes a new list view for bookings that shows upcoming bookings ordered by ascending start time. This list allows you to search bookings across all customers and locations.


You can use the new search system from the list to search through your network's entire booking database based on different criteria.


Floor Plans & Occupancy

The way we display available floor plan units and how you can search for them was a primary focus of V3.

The floor plan listing now shows a preview of all floor plans, making it easier for you to select the relevant one.


Accessing any floor plan reveals a new floor plan browser that shows contracts and proposals active for the selected date along with any units in that floor plan. It is now possible to see the available, contracted, and proposed units for any past, current or future date.


The floor plan editor is now an individual tab. You can now place items anywhere on the floor plan canvas as you create them to save you time.

Clicking on an item's name in the list of contracts or proposals, triggers a zoom on that item in the floor plan view.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (6).gif

The inventory list works in a similar way based on a date you select. This lets you quickly search through your inventory and check availability for any past or future date alongside other criteria such as room type, size, etc.


New Record Wizards

With 10 years of experience under our belt, we have a pretty good grasp on how spaces use Nexudus. Wizards are a new feature that we designed to simplify common operations and help your space save time and resources.

Each wizard helps you create any number of records in the background (customers, teams, invoices, posts, etc.). We track the progress of each step so that if anything fails, the system simply moves to the next record in the list. No record stops or blocks the process, even if it couldn't be added correctly.

A wizard can create simple items such as a day pass product (product + pass + benefit) or a $100 booking credit package (product + credit benefit). They can also help you create more complex sets of records such as a team and two customers (one company and one individual) where the wizard will add the customers to the team and then set the team paying customer to be the company customer that was just created.


The key idea behind wizards is to simplify the creation of common records and structures in your account. We will ask for a minimum amount of information to create the records and once they are in your account, the details page of the primary record automatically pops up to let you add more details as/if needed.

We'd love to hear from you to keep building new wizards that are relevant to you and other spaces. Just drop us a message at feedback@nexudus.com and let us know what our next wizard should be!

ezgif.com-gif-maker (7).gif


Most components on the Admin Panel strive to meet WCAG 2.1 guidelines on semantics, keyboard functionality, color contrast, and more.

Messages are clearer and as concise as possible while remaining user-friendly. We also added more tooltips and help labels across the Admin Panel.


Naming, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, labels, and abbreviations across the platform are now more consistent.

Sections now have a unique and informative title along with a short description that accurately explains what each feature does.


WCAG specifications define specific contrast ratios between foreground text and background colors that we stuck to as much as possible.

In sentences, only the first word and proper names are capped. This includes buttons, menus, and titles.

Most messages use the active voice to focus on who or what is performing the action and makes sentences easier to understand.

In most cases, we address you as "you" and avoid using "Are you sure" when we ask you to confirm an action to make your experience as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Compatibility With Smaller Devices

Most pages of the Admin Panel are now designed to work on devices with smaller displays such as phones or tablets. Listings have a responsive mode that changes rows into cards to optimize the display based on the size of your device.

Some features such as Floor plans, Reports or the Web template editor don't support this mode.


Code Maintainability

Nexudus isn't fixated on using the latest and shiniest coding frameworks, but rather focuses on keeping up to date with proven technologies and methodologies. This approach lets us remain efficient and attract the right talent to develop our products.

Most of you won't notice any difference in this respect, but this area is the foundation that will allow us to continue to deliver plenty of new features much faster in the coming years. V3 is a 100% rewrite of the Admin Panel's code for improved code reusability, maintainability, consistency, and front role. We'll now be able to introduce new features quicker to hopefully create less friction for existing and new developers working on the code.

We continue to use ReactJS but have moved to TypeScript syntax rather than vanilla Javascript (🤓🤓🤓), which helps test and debug the code as it is written.