Editing Invoice References
  • 22 May 2023
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Editing Invoice References

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You can change the reference used to issue new invoices through the Settings section of the Admin Panel.

Changing your invoice reference format only impacts future invoices.

If you want to change the reference of an invoice you've already issued, you'll need to open the relevant invoice and then click on its reference to edit it.


Invoice references have a 255 character limit.

Editing the Invoice Reference Sequence

  1. Log in to the Admin Panel if you aren't already.

  2. Edit the Invoices reference format and Invoice drafts reference format as needed.

The {1:0000} element is required.

You can edit the number of zeros to change the format of your invoice numbers.

For example, if you define {1:00}, your 1st invoice will be numbered 01 and your 105th invoice will be numbered 105.

If you keep the original {1:0000}, your 1st invoice will be numbered 0001 and your 105th invoice will be numbered 0105.

Want to include dates in your invoice references?

Add {year}, {month}, and {day} to include the corresponding date elements.

  1. Click Save settings.

Any new invoice you issue will use the new reference format. Your invoice sequence won't reset.

If you already issued 200 invoices using the default reference format and then change your invoice reference to NEW-{1:0000}, the next invoice you issue will be NEW-0201.

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