• 21 Jan 2022
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What Is Envoy?

Envoy is a platform that helps you manage members, contacts and visitors. Envoy manages sign ins, collects guest information, captures their photos and has them sign legal documents.

How the Envoy Integration Works

Envoy periodically receives all your members and contacts and sets them up as what Envoy calls employees. Employees can accept and host visitors. Nexudus updates the employee list in Envoy every 60 minutes.

Enabling the integration will automatically replace your employee list in Envoy with the active members and contacts list in your Nexudus account.

In addition to that, Nexudus sends visitor information to Envoy when visitors are registered by members and contacts. Visitors registered by admins will be sent to Envoy if they have an expected arrival time and a host in Nexudus.

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