eZeep Blue
  • 29 Apr 2024
  • 1 Minute to read

eZeep Blue

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What's eZeep Blue?

eZeep Blue is a printing management platform that lets your customers print online. You can let them print for free, with credits, or on a pay-per-print basis. Print jobs recorded in eZeep Blue are synced in Nexudus for easy tracking and billing.

How eZeep Blue Works

Once you've set up your eZeep Blue account and your printers, you can enable the integration on the Admin Panel. You also import your first round of customers to eZeep Blue as you complete the integration.

When Nexudus creates a user account in eZeep Blue for new customers, they receive an email notification from eZeep Blue prompting them to log in to their eZeep Blue account. Once they have accessed their eZeep Blue account for the first time, they're able to start printing from any of their devices.

For more information, check out Integrating eZeep Blue.


What's the difference between eZeep Blue and eZeep?

eZeep is a legacy integration that was available before eZeep Blue. eZeep stopped supporting new signups for this product. We recommend using eZeep Blue for all new integrations, unless you already have an eZeep account.

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