Financial Accounts
  • 26 Aug 2022
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Financial Accounts

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Financial accounts help you categorize your space's revenue. They help improve your revenue reports and ensure parts of your space's revenue such as deposits aren't factored into calculations in the same way bookings or product sales would.

Financial accounts are also a necessary setup step when you use one of our accounting integrations to identify your invoices and your external accounting system.

Financial accounts aren't bank accounts and have no link to your bank details.

Financial Account Types

You must assign an account type to all the financial accounts you create in Nexudus. These account types help Nexudus fout how to calculate your space's revenue, basetype.


This account type should be used for any item or service you sell directly to customers.

For example, all your plans and products should have at least one dedicated Sales account.


This account type should be used for payments you receive that aren't directly related to items or services sold directly to customers.

For example, a customer broke a door and paid for its replacement.


This account type should be used for any type of deposit product you add to plans.

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