Integrating Nexudus Connect
  • 14 Nov 2022
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Integrating Nexudus Connect

Article Summary

Nexudus Connect is a Wi-Fi network integration in partnership with Isofy. This integration provides network access to your customers and visitors through passes and access tokens.

What You Need to Integrate Nexudus Connect

Your space must operate in the United States or Canada to use this integration.

An Isofy Account

If you're not an Isofy customer yet, get in touch with them via their contact form. Isofy will help you open your account, install the required hardware in your space, and set up the network for you.

Your Isofy API Key

You need your Isofy API key to enable the integration on the Admin Panel. Get in touch with Isofy and request your API key. Once you have the key, you're ready to start the integration process.

Integrating Nexudus Connect

Step 1. Enabling Nexudus Connect

You need to enable the Nexudus Connect integration on the Admin Panel to use Isofy as your network provider.

  1. Log in to if you aren't already.

  2. Enable the Nexudus Connect toggle.

  3. Add your Isofy API key in the License key field.

  4. Click the Save Changes button.

You've enabled Nexudus Connect integration. The tile should now appear at the top of the page under Active Integrations.

Step 2. Check Network Access for Passes

Once you complete the Nexudus Connect integration, your customers will get access to your network one of two ways: via passes and access tokens.

You want to check that all the relevant passes in your inventory include network access to provide customers access to your Wi-Fi as long as their pass is valid.

To know if your passes include network access, go to Inventory > Passes and click on any of the passes.

Make sure the Allow customers holding this pass to connect to your IT network toggle is enabled. Repeat for each pass that should grant customers network access.


Once you'e checked all the relevant passes, you can move to the next step of the integration.

Step 3. Share your Location Reference with Isofy

The last step of the integration is sharing your Nexudus Location reference with Isofy to update your settings. You can find your Location reference under Settings > General settings on the Admin Panel.


Share this ID with Isofy and wait for their confirmation. Once Isofy confirms they've updated your settings, your integration is live and your customers can start using their email and PIN code or access token to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

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