Invoice As
  • 26 Feb 2024
  • 2 Minutes to read

Invoice As

Article summary

Nexudus lets you invoice items you sell under a different name from the one you use on the Admin Panel. You can edit the Invoice as name of all the items you sell via Settings > Invoices and tax > Chart.

The 'Invoice as' field is available for the following items:

  • Passes
  • Products
  • Plans
  • Resource prices
The Invoice as field matches the item's name by default and cannot be blank.


You can edit this alternative name at any point via Settings > Invoices and tax > Chart on the Admin Panel. No need to save your changes either, we automatically save them as you go.

Grouping Invoice Lines

Another benefit of using Invoice as for items you sell through Nexudus is grouping similar items on invoices. All items that share the same Invoice as name are automatically grouped on customer invoices.

For example, if you sell a bunch of teas and coffees, you can group them all on customer invoices by naming them Hot drinks under Invoice as .

Similarly, you can have different deposits named after each plan on the Admin Panel but want them to appear as Deposits on customer invoices, all you need to do is define Deposit as the Invoice as name for all of your deposits.

You need to add the exact same name for every item that you want to see grouped on invoices.

Your edits don't apply to invoices you've already issued.

Invoice Line Grouping Rules

There are some rules and limitations to invoice line grouping using the Invoice as field.

Invoice line grouping is only visible on the invoice's PDF.

If you open an invoice on the Admin Panel, you will still see each individual line item unless you download the invoice.

Customers always see the invoice lines named and grouped after the Invoice as field since they only have access to the invoice PDF.

Items linked to specific customers always remain their own invoice line.

This is relevant in scenarios where teams have merged billing and a team paying customer.

Let's say the team paying customer is invoiced for several free plans assigned to its team members.

Even if all the plans share the same Invoice as name, each plan remains its own line with each team member's name next to it.

Items of different types can be grouped together.

For example, you can group products and passes or charges and passes together, provided you add the same value for each item's Invoice as name.

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