• 24 Jan 2022
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What Is LDAP?

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a protocol that allows authenticated communication between applications (in this case Nexudus) and directory services servers.

What are directory services?

Directory services store the users, passwords, and computer accounts, and share that information with other parties.

Provided you already have a directory service, all you need to enable the integration. Once the integration is enabled, regular Members Portal credentials won't work and all customers will need to log in using their directory credentials.

How the LDAP Integration Works

The LDAP integration lets your directory users log in to your Members Portal using their directory credentials.

Whenever a user tries to log in to the Members Portal using directory credentials, Nexudus will communicate with your directory's server using LDAP to check if the user's credentials match a directory profile.

If the user doesn't exist in your directory, they won't be able to access to the Members Portal. If the credentials match a directory profile, Nexudus will grant or deny access to the Members Portal based on the Provision new users if they don't exist setting you've defined while setting up the integration.

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