Managing Team Billing
  • 28 Apr 2023
  • 1 Minute to read

Managing Team Billing

Article summary

Team billing defines how members of a team are billed for their puchases. Nexudus offers two team billing options: individual billing and merged billing.

Individual Billing

Individual billing is the default billing option when you create a Manual entry or a Multiple Customers team. In this scenario, each team member is charged and invoiced for their own plans, bookings, product and events purchases. Every team member is responsible for their own expenses. Team discounts will apply to all members of the team.

Merged Billing

Merged billing is the default option when you create a team using the Company structure wizard. For all other new teams or existing ones, you'll need to enable merged billing via the team's Billing tab. All you need to do is select a team paying customers and make sure the merged billing toggle is enabled.


Once you've enabled merged billing for the team, all purchases made by any member of the team will be charged and invoiced through the team's paying customer account.

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