Manually Adding Deliveries
  • 02 Aug 2022
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Manually Adding Deliveries

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You can manage packages your customers have delivered to your space in Nexudus. The Deliveries page lets you add deliveries, assign them to customers and process collections with or without a customer signature.

Do you receive a large number of packages on a regular basis or want to request signature upon collection?

Consider using NexDelivery, our free delivery scanning app.

  1. If the navigation menu isn't visible, click the menu icon in the top left corner of the page.

  2. Click Operations > Deliveries.

  3. Click Register delivery.

  4. Select the customer that received a delivery.

  5. Add a Reference for the delivery.

  6. Add a Delivery location to let your customer know where they should collect their delivery.

This location is automatically added to the email notification customers receive.
  1. Add any Notes you'd like to include in the email notification the customer will receive.

  2. Upload a picture of the Delivery label by clicking Select file and picking a file on your device.

  3. Click the Save Changes button.

When you add deliveries in Nexudus, the relevant customers automatically receive an email notification letting them know their delivery is ready for collection.


You can edit this notification's template via Settings > Email templates editor on the Admin Panel.

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