Nexudus Connect
  • 04 Nov 2022
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Nexudus Connect

Article Summary

What is Nexudus Connect?

Nexudus Connect is a network integration in partnership with Isofy. It offers the same benefits and features in Nexudus as a RADIUS or MikroTik network without the hassle of installing the necessary hardware and setting up the network yourself. Isofy supports you through the process based on your space's setup and needs.

How the Nexudus Connect Integration Works

Isofy sets up your network according to your instructions. Once they've set up the network for you, you just need to enable the integration in Nexudus and you can start using Nexudus Connect.

Isofy handles all support and troubleshooting requests.

What You Need to Integrate Nexudus Connect

  • Be located in North America (US & Canada).

  • Open an Isofy account prior to enabling the integration in Nexudus.
    You can get in touch with the Isofy team via their contact form. They will help you open your account, install the hardware in your space, and set up your network.

  • Your Isofy API key to complete the integration process in Nexudus.

For more information, check out Integrating Nexudus Connect.

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