Nexudus Explore
  • 31 May 2022
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Nexudus Explore

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What Is Nexudus Explore?

Nexudus Explore is a reporting tool that helps you make data-driven decisions for your space.
Your space's data is curated into clear charts that let you see how your space is doing in different business critical areas at a glance.

Understanding Nexudus Explore Versions

Explore comes in two versions:

Nexudus Explore Basic

Gives you a pre-built dashboards that you can use to analyze and understand different areas of your business.

Nexudus Explore Pro

Includes the pre-built dashboards and tools to help you design and customize your own reports.

Locations using Nexudus Explore Pro are charged $/£/€100/month + $/£/€25 per location in your Nexudus account. You only need to enable Nexudus Explore in your network location if you are running more than one site.

For example, if you run a network of 3 location, your bill will include a fee for Nexudus Explore Pro of $100 + $25x3 = $175.

If you use and then disable Nexudus Explore Pro, bear in mind that you will still be billed for it until you delete all your dashboards.

The table below summarizes what you can do with both versions:

Features Nexudus Explore Standard Nexudus Explore Pro
Accessing Dashboards YES YES
Filtering Dashboards YES YES
Creating Dashboards NO YES
Building Queries YES YES
Editing Dashboards NO YES

How Nexudus Explore Works

You first need to enable the option from the Settings section of the Admin panel. once you've enabled either Nexudus Explore or Nexudus Explore Pro, you can start accessing your custom dashboards from the Reports section of the Admin Panel.

If you've enabled Nexudus Explor Pro, you can edit existing dashboards and create your own with queries.