On-site Training
  • 14 Sep 2023
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On-site Training

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What is on-site training?

One or more senior support specialists member of our team comes to your space to train you and your staff. This is a great way to have everyone's questions answered on the spot and learn how to use the platform.

Personalized training

Every space is different and what better way to learn than from Nexudus experts who understand your requirements? Once you book your training session, your trainer gets in touch with you to learn more about your space and discuss your expectations. They will then use the information you shared to prepare a training session that targets your space's unique needs and requirements.

In-person learning

Studies have shown that people learn best from being taught by others and by implementing what they learn. On-site training covers these two pillars of learning and eases you into using the system, guided by people who know Nexudus inside out.

Nexudus expertise

All our trainers are senior members of the support team who have helped hundreds of customers and solved countless tickets. If you've ever booking a training call, you'll know that no question or setup is too complex for our support team. On-site training sessions are a great way to be trained by experts and learn pro tips to make the most of the platform.

Training Minimum Length

You can request in person training for full and half days. Half days include 4 hours of training. Full days include 8 hours of training.

All our trainers travel from London, United Kingdom. The minimum amount of on-site training you have to book depends on the distance our team has to travel to train you.

LondonUnited Kingdom (outside London)EuropeRest of the World
Half day minimum1 day minimum3 days minimum4 days minimum (based on location)

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