• 22 May 2023
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What is OpenAI?

The OpenAI integration is a conversational model powered by artifical intelligence that can help you automate your help-desk.

Every time a customer sends a help-desk message via your Members Portal, OpenAI goes through your FAQ articles and finds the best answer. You can think of it as your own support agent, ready to answer customer queries in a matter of seconds any day, any time.


If OpenAI cannot find an answer in your FAQ articles, the relevant department manager receives a notification to manually tackle the request, as they usually would.

How to integrate OpenAI

Integrating OpenAI is a three-process:

1. Create an API key in OpenAI.
2. Enable OpenAI on the Admin Panel.
3. Test OpenAI's answers before going live.

All you need to get started is a paying OpenAI account and some FAQ articles in Nexudus. From there, you enable the integration on the Admin Panel and test the answers customers will get from OpenAI. Once you're happy with the way OpenAI answers questions, you can go ahead and enable it for your help-desk.

For more information, check out Integrating OpenAI.

OpenAI limitations
  • We can only answer one question per help-desk message.
    If customers ask more than one question, OpenAI answers the first one that has a matching answer in your FAQs.

  • We cannot remember or use previous help-desk threads.
    If customers ask a question related to a previous help-desk thread, OpenAI can only answer based on your FAQs.


Is OpenAI free to use?

No, each help-desk request sent by a customer is charged according to the OpenAI token-based pricing for Davinci (text-davinci-003) available at

How will OpenAI charge me?

OpenAI charges you per token. Each message a customer sends through your help-desk uses multiple tokens. The number of tokens used per request varies based on the length of the questions asked.

How much OpenAI will charge you varies based on the number of messages your customers send and how long each message is. More information on pricing for Davinci (text-davinci-003) is available at You can also cap the amount OpenAI can charge you every month at

Where can I find my OpenAI API key?

You can create an API key in a few clicks on Treat your key as a password and keep it handy during the integration process.

OpenAI Key Generation


Does OpenAI work in multiple languages?

Yes, OpenAI can work in most languages. For example, you can ask a question in Spanish and get an answer in Spanish, even if your FAQ articles are in English.

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