• 27 Apr 2022
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What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is a printing management software. Our integration lets you track printing in PaperCut and charge printing through Nexudus. This includes charging for prints and invoicing them, granting printing credits that customers can then use to print through PaperCut, and even manage free printing options.

Nexudus currently integrates with Papercut NG and Papercut MF.

How the PaperCut Integration Works

You first need to purchase a PaperCut MF or NG license. The number of customers you have in each of your locations will define the number of users that should be included in your PaperCut license.

Once you have a license and your printers are set up in PaperCut, you can start the integration process.

You need a Windows device to complete and manage the PaperCut integration.

For more information, check out Integrating PaperCut.

The integration automatically add new customers to PaperCut and charges them based on their printing using credits, pay-per-print or a combination of both. You can also choose to let your customers print for free.


Can I use this integration with PaperCut Hive?

No, our integration currently works with Papercut NG and Papercut MF.

Can I use any printer with this integration?

Yes! As long your printers are supported by Papercut MF or NG, you will be able to use our integration.

How often does the extender sync with PaperCut?

The Nexudus extender automatically syncs with PaperCut every 15 minutes. This means that if you create a new customer in Nexudus, it can take up to 15 minutes for them to be synced in PaperCut. You can trigger a manual sync if you are in a rush by opening the extender on your PC and clicking Sync now.