• 16 Jun 2022
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What Are Reports?

Reports are files that compile data from your Nexudus account. Any administrator with access to reports can use and download reports in PDF or XLS format.

Your reports are a great tool to keep track of how your space is doing and spot areas of improvement.

Accessing Reports

You can access your reports by clicking Analytics > Reports in the Admin Panel.


Once you're on the reports page, you can start browsing through the different reports across locations.


Number Reports Page Element
1 The Location drop-down list that lets you access reports for every individual location.
2 The Calendar lets you define the time frame you want the reports to cover.
3 The Report Categories organize the different reports. Just click on any folder to display all reports available within the category.

Report Categories

We've divided your reports in categories to easily browse through the numerous reports.

Nexudus organizes reports in the following categories:

  • KPIs
  • Occupancy
  • Checkins
  • Bookings
  • Events
  • Time Passes
  • Visitors
  • Desks
  • MRM
  • Members & Contacts
  • Surveys
  • Tasks
  • Products (invoiced)
  • Discounts
  • Finance
  • Finance - Liable
  • Finance - Delivered
  • Finance - By Sale Date
  • Deferred Revenue
  • Deposits
  • Debtors
  • Invoicing
  • Revenue
  • Revenue Exchange

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