• 06 Dec 2023
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What Are Resources?

Resources are rooms or areas of your space that you let your customers book for different amounts of time or per use. You can manage resources and related bookings as an admin from the Admin Panel. Customers can also book resources for themselves directly through your Members Portal if you publish them.


How Resources Work

Resources work with resource types. Resource types are templates that let you apply the same rates to all the resources of that type, simplifying how you charge customers for their bookings.

You need resource types to create and manage your resources.

If you use one of our templates to create your resources, we automatically create a matching resource type for the resource.

If you decide to create a resource from scratch, you'll need to create its resource type beforehand.

Once you have your resources, you can tweak all of their settings to control elements such as:

  • When the resource is available
  • How the resource is priced
  • Which products are available alongside the resource
  • How many units of the resource are available

You can make any resource available for a set amount of time by default, as long as the duration is a multiple of 15.

Resources Pricing

Resources can be charged per use, hour, day, week, month and 4 weeks month.

Each resource can have multiple prices and each price can apply to:

  • apply to specific types of customers
  • be available at specific times of the day or days of the week.
Adding prices to a resource's Rates tab will also automatically add those prices to the resources sharing the same resource type.

Resource Categories

Resource categories arrange your resources on the Members Portal to help your customers browse through them.


Admins can also use resource categories to filter through the resources list. Simply click on the filter and select Groups before typing the name of the category to display the relevant resources.


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