Security Options Settings
  • 27 Mar 2024
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Security Options Settings

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Each Nexudus location has its own independent security settings. Your security settings are under Settings > Security options on the Admin Panel.


Maximum log-in session duration

This field lets you define the maximum amount of time admins can remain logged in to the Admin Panel without having to log back into the selected location.

You must set your maximum session duration in minutes.

Enforce Two Factor Authentication for admin users

This toggle lets you enforce two-factor authentication for all admins in the selected location. All admins will need to enable 2FA by the deadline you set to keep logging in to the Admin Panel.

For more information, check out Enforcing Two-factor Authentication.

Automatically register existing customers with this location as they access a new location

This toggle lets you automatically connect customers to other locations if they try to log in to a Members Portal that isn't their home location.

This setting is only visible if you turn off the option to let users sign up from your Members Portal under Settings > Modules.

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