Selling access
  • 10 May 2023
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Selling access

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Want to increase occupancy, expand your customer base or just offer more flexibility to your contacts?  Selling day access using passes can help you with all three of them!

Passes allow members and contacts alike to check in to your space. Depending on the integrations enabled in your space, check-in can happen manually, via Wi-Fi connection, or even through an access control system. 

For more information, check out Check-ins.

Most of your members should already have access to your space via passes added to their contract. You can sell daily access to contacts and potential new customers one of three ways:

  • A Day Access resource that customers can book.

  • Offer a product that includes passes that customers can buy on your Members Portal.

  • Automatically sell Pay-as-you-go passes to customers without a valid pass.

We recommend sticking to one of the three to keep the process simple and smooth for your admins and customers. Click on any of the access options below to learn more about its pros and cons and how to set it up in Nexudus.

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