1. Defining Your Location's General Settings
  • 06 Oct 2022
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1. Defining Your Location's General Settings

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Let's start with your general settings! You can access each of your location's general settings by clicking on the cog icon in the Quick Actions menu of the Admin Panel.


On the Settings page, you want to go through each option under the General settings section.


Each option lets you add different details related to your location.

Managing multiple locations?

You'll need to define your general settings in each individual location as locations work independently.

General Settings

This section lets you define your location's:

  • Name
  • Main logo & banner that is displayed on your Members Portal.
  • Contact details
  • Timezone

The Opening times tab also lets you define when your space is open. While this information isn't displayed on your Members Portal, define it to get the most accurate revenue forecasts and demand metrics in Trends.


Your Nexudus subscription

This page lets you manage most elements related to your Nexudus subscription, including:

  • Your selected payment method (credit/debit card, direct debit or PayPal)
  • Any implementation file our team uploaded for you
  • Your invoices that you can download in PDF

You cannot change any details in the Your plans & add-ons page, but you can always reach out to support at [email protected] to change your current plan or join a different support tier.


This page lets you define multiple legal documents that your Members Portal should include.

General terms

Terms and conditions that all customers must accept when they join your space to use your services. General terms are also accessible from the footer of your Members Portal.


Visitor terms

Legal terms and conditions that all registered visitors must accept before they check in. They can accept them via the link provided in their registration confirmation email. Visitors registering themselves on the spot using NexIO will accept them as they register.

Data Privacy policy

Policy that details how your space manages and discloses customer information. This policy is also accessible from the footer of your Members Portal.

Cookies policy

Policy that lays out all the cookies you use on your Members Portal. This policy is also accessible from the footer of your Members Portal.

You can edit all terms and policies using the built-in editor with Markdown


Clicking on Preview will show you the text as it will be displayed on your Members Portal.


The Languages page lets you define a default:

  • Date and number formatting

American English
month / day / year

British English
day / month / year

day of the week / day / month / year

  • Notifications language

This is the language that will be used to send customer and admin notifications by default.

From there you can also:

Now that you've covered your space's general settings, you can move to the second step of your setup. Just click on the 2. Onboarding Your Staff & Teams tile below.

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