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  • 10 Sep 2021
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Settings FAQ

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How can I change my account name?

If you'd like to edit the name of your account, go to Settings > General Settings and edit the space name field in the Name & Logo section. To complete the process, click the Save button at the top right of the screen.

How can I change my coworking space's time zone or currency?

Go to Settings > General Settings to edit the time zone, then go to Settings > Payments to edit the currency.

Can I change my space website's logo?

You can change your logo in Settings > General Settings. Click Upload File in the Name and logo section.

Can I remove my space website's logo?

When you have added an image as your space logo, you can replace it with another one, but you can't delete it. If you would like to delete it, you can email us at

Why do pages on my website still show the domain instead of my own domain?

It is likely that those pages transfer sensitive information, such as payment details or personal details of the members. This requires an SSL certificate for the domain name to be displayed in the browser. If you want your own domain to be displayed on those pages, make sure your own domain uses an SSL certificate to encrypt this data.‌

You cannot install your own SSL certificate on our servers, but you can use a service like CloudFlare to proxy your domain through that service before it reaches our servers. Click here to find get instructions on how to set that up. 

If you are using a subdomain for your Nexudus portal, for example:, instead of the root domain (, we can generate a SSL certificate for you and install it in our servers so you don't have to use a reverse proxy like CloudFlare. Get in touch with our support team via to request this setup.

How can I create a new user role to access the dashboard?

User roles can be created by going to Settings > User and Security > Security. However, user role setting is a complex process, so we strongly recommend that you end up on user roles and then email us at letting us know that you want to add a new role.

I don't want users to receive the welcome email. Can I disable it?

The welcome email includes members' access information (username and password), which means it needs to be sent so that they can access their private area. If you do not want users to have access to their online account to make bookings and pay their invoices, you must disable the "Send the welcome message button" when creating a customer.

What is the PIN sent in the welcome email?

Coworkers can check in to the space manually via NexIO, which is available on Nexudus. Some spaces install an iPad at the entrance of the coworking space so that coworkers can check in on entering and visitors can contact the person they're looking for.

Does Nexudus integrate with Xero Accounts?

We do but most people will not want every invoice in both Nexudus and Xero. Nexudus is pretty good at handling all your account receivables (invoices and payments) and you can get a good number of finance reports which can group revenue in any way you want so you can simply import this revenue reports in Xero at the end of the month.

Does Nexudus integrate with Eventbrite or any other event listing platform?

When setting up an event you can add a ticket URL, which can point anywhere, including EB. You can also sell tickets directly on Nexudus if you wish to do. You can link your ticket prices and availability to the different price plans.

MikroTik: one of my coworkers has valid passes and can't check in. What could be the problem?

If the user is signed up to a plan that provides them with passes, make sure that the passes are enabled for the plan. If not, the platform will send an error message.

How to integrate MailChimp with Nexudus?

You can connect Nexudus to MailChimp using Zapier: For more information see the Integration section. 

Is there an integration with Slack?

There is a basic integration with Slack via Zapier, a platform that allows you to connect different apps.

I have my own POS or VOIP services. How can I connect them with Nexudus?

For the apps that Nexudus does not integrate with by default, we have a REST API that you can use to create apps linked with your Nexudus account or connect it with services. 

Why can't this customer use papercut?

Customers set up as companies cannot use Papercut, only customers set as individuals may use the Papercut integration.

How can I configure my Nexudus account so that members can automatically pay their invoices by direct debit/ACH?

You can use any one of the integrations available to automate payments: GoCardless and Forte.‌

Other than the payment gateways integrated with Nexudus, are there any other payment gateways that I can use, that are not on the list?

If you can't find the provider that you want on our integrations list, get in touch with us. The integration may be available for Nexudus but the list wasn't updated. If we don't integrate with that provider, you can always use our API to study whether it can be integrated.‌

How can I edit the payment conditions for pending invoices? Can you change those settings?

You can set the number of days that pass from raising an invoice until the platform tries to automatically charge members that have provided payment details on the platform. To do so, go to Settings > Payments and enter the number of days in the Automatic payments field.‌

Is there a chance that users can pay for event tickets before an invoice is created for them?

Payments can only be made via invoices on Nexudus. Therefore, the invoice must be created so that the member can pay for the ticket.‌

How can I send the GoCardless direct debit request email to members?

From the Members or Contacts list, you can send direct debit requests by clicking the three dots icon next to the member's name and then clicking Send Direct Debit Request Email.

One of my customers cannot pay their invoice, the error message says the IP address is not valid for the merchant, how do I fix this?

You need to authorize the following IPs in the configuration of your payment gateway.

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