Square ePOS
  • 29 Mar 2023
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Square ePOS

Article Summary

What is Square ePOS?

The integration with Square ePOS let you to transfer selected products from your Nexudus inventory as well as all your Nexudus customers to your Square ePOS. All Nexudus products you sell via your Square ePOS to Nexudus customers are automatically synced in Nexudus.


How the Square ePOS integration works

You connect Square ePOS to your Nexudus account to connect your inventory to Square. You can choose to connect all your products or only a select few. you sell a Nexudus product to a Nexudus customer via the customers purchase a product through Square and payments are received via Square readers, the transaction is automatically synced in Nexudus where an invoice and the related payment are also recorded.

For more information, check out Integrating Square.


Can I use Nexudus with Square Payments?

No, Nexudus only connects to Square ePOS.

Is stock automatically updated?

Yes, as long as the product you're selling through Square is synced to Nexudus. We'll automatically adjust the product stock in Nexudus as you sell it through Square, even if you sell that product to someone who isn't a customer on the Admin Panel.

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