Team Administrators
  • 10 Nov 2021
  • 1 Minute to read

Team Administrators

What Are Team Administrators?

Team administrators are simply team members with full access to all the team's details. They can edit the team's public profile, see all the bookings made by the entire team, and even access the account of any of their team members. Teams can have multiple administrators.

Teams don't have administrators by default.

You need to manually define each team's administrators.

Who Can Be a Team Administrator?

Any member of the selected team can be an administrator.

Team administrators have full access to all the data related to the team as well as their team member's accounts.

Team Administrators vs Team Paying Customers

The team paying customers in teams with merged billing aren't team administrators by default.

Most teams with merged billing will want their paying customer to be also be the team's administrator, but it's not a requirement.

For example, a team with merged billing can have multiple administrators and a paying customer who isn't one of the team administrators.