Understanding Users
  • 26 Jan 2024
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Understanding Users

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All users in each of your locations can be customers, admins or both.


Admin users have access to the Admin Panel. They can be full unrestricted admin or restricted admins with one or more roles.

A full unrestricted admin can perform any action on the Admin Panel. Restrcited admins can only access and manage the Admin Panel based on the permissions included in their roles.

For more information, check out Roles.


If you enable customer signups on your Members Portal, we automatically create a user in Nexudus when a new customer joins your space. We also create a user if you enable the Welcome email toggle when creating a customer from the Admin Panel.

If you don't send a Welcome email to new customers, they won't be added to the user list. You can create a user for those customers by granting them Members Portal access.

For more information, check out Granting Members Portal Access to Customers.

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