Unsuspending Customers
  • 07 Sep 2023
  • 1 Minute to read

Unsuspending Customers

Article Summary

Suspended customers are no longer considered active in Nexudus and can only use the Members Portal to pay their invoices. You can easily lift this suspension and reactivate any customer account on the Admin Panel in three clicks.

Unsuspending members automatically restarts any active contracts they had before their suspension and charges them for every missed billing cycle.

  1. Log in to the Admin Panel if you aren't already.

  2. Tick the checkbox next to every customer you want to unsuspend.

  3. Click Lift suspension in the Bulk actions menu.

  4. Click Yes, do it to confirm.

You've successfully reactivated the selected customers. They are now active again and instantly regain full access to your Members Portal, including your bookings calendar.