Using Reports
  • 16 Jun 2022
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Using Reports

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Accessing the Reports Page

To access the Reports page, simply click on Analytics > Reports on the Admin Panel.


Opening Reports

Once you are on the Reports page, you can open any of the built-in reports provided by Nexudus. Reports are organized in folder that cover the different aspects of your space's operations.

In order to open a report, all you need to do is click on a folder and then on the report of your choice.


All the reports you open have their own to let you easily switch between multiple reports.


Some reports can take a few seconds to load.

Bookmarking Reports

Bookmarking reports is a way to group and access the reports you use most often in a few clicks. Bookmarked reports are grouped into their own folder at the top of the reports page for quick and easy access.

All you need to do to bookmark a report is click the bookmark icon to the right of the report you want to bookmark.


You can easily find the bookmarked reports in the Bookmarked folder at the top of the Reports list.


Defining Report Time Frames

Reports show data from the last 30 days by default. You can adjust this time frame as needed.

For example you can choose to only include data from the last quarter, the last week or the last year.

Some reports such as Today's Bookings or Today's Bookings by Resource have a set time frame that cannot be edited.

To adjust a report time frame, all you need to do is select the desired start and end date in the top left corner of the Reports page.


Reports can take a few seconds to load for larger time frames.

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