• 02 Aug 2022
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What Is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation tool that lets you connect Nexudus to hundreds of other platforms to automate your worklflows.

For example a new signup on the Members Portal can trigger a subscription to one of your newsletters in Mailchimp.

How the Zapier Integration Works

You just need a Zapier account to get started. If you don't have a Zapier account yet, you can create one in a few clicks via their signup form.

Make sure your Zapier license matches the number of Zaps you want to create and the number of tasks you will trigger each month.

Once you have your account with the adequate license, you can connect Zapier to Nexudus and start building your Zaps in a matter of minutes.

For more information, check out Integrating Zapier.

Instant and Polling Triggers

Nexudus offers two types of triggers in Zapier: instant and polling.

Instant Triggers

Instant triggers automatically send the relevant data to Zapier as a record is created, updated or deleted in Nexudus. Data is transfered from Nexudus to another platform in real-time. All instant triggers are labelled in the Trigger event drop-down list.

Instant triggers are the best option for most zaps.

We recommend using instant triggers over polling ones if both are available for the same action.

Polling Triggers

Polling triggers automatically send the relevant record data when Zapier requests it. Zapier requests record data at set interval based on your Zapier plan. Intervals usually ranges between 2 minutes to 15 minutes. Nexudus can return up to 250 records every time Zapier requests data.

Do not use polling triggers if you create, edit, or delete more than 250 records per polling interval as data above the threshold won't reach Zapier.

You can also filter your Zaps using most of the fields in a record for both instant and polling triggers.

For example, you want to trigger a Zap when an article is published, but only if the article is in the New Releases category.


Can I connect Nexudus to any platform through Zapier?

Any platform that's available in Zapier can be connected to Nexudus, but limitations will apply based on the Zap you're trying to build and the data needed to build the Zap.

Can you help me with my Zaps?

We're working in tutorials for common Zaps. In the meantime, if you need extra help on your Zaps, you can always get in touch with us at [email protected].

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