Automation Tiles
  • 09 Jul 2021
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Automation Tiles

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What Are Automation Tiles?

Nexudus Automation Tiles let you connect actions in your space with your Nexudus account. Each tile has an NFC chip and a QR code that can be read or scanned with a smartphone. When a Nexudus automation tile is scanned or tapped, it triggers an action on behalf of the customer who scanned or tapped it.




If customers already have the Passport app or its white-label equivalent on their phone, tapping or scanning the tile automatically launches the app, authenticates the customer and triggers the action.

If customers don't have the Passport app, the tile redirects them to your members portal and ask them to log in.

Automation Tiles Uses

  • Hot-desk check in/out

Stick a tile by each hot-desk so customers can check in as they start using them. If you enable the option to cancel no-show bookings, you can also make sure your resources are used as efficiently as possible.

  • Meeting room check in/out

Stick a tile outside each meeting room to let customers check in and out of your resources. You can also use them to let your cleaning service mark resources as cleaned. 

  • Meeting room or hot-desk bookings

Stick a tile by each of your resources or by each of your hot-desks and let customers book start and finish bookings for them.

  • Help points

Stick several tiles around your space to let your customers quickly and conveniently request help or report an issue in the space.

  • Third-party integrations

Connect a tile with other services or Zapier by making the tile trigger network requests but ensure requests are authenticated before being triggered.

  • Unlock doors

Stick tiles by internal doors and let customers unlock them with their phone, even if your access control provider does not support mobile entry.

Nexudus doesn't recommend using automation tiles to control access to critical areas of your space such as the building entrances or rooms with valuable equipment.

QR codes and NFC chips are subject to spoofing. This means they can be cloned and reprinted by potential intruders to replace existing tiles with a tile connected to a different door.

Simply put, this would mean that users accessing the door with the replaced tile would unknowingly also open a different door, granting intruders access to that other door. 

Automation tiles are an easy, inexpensive and relatively secure way to control access to area such as meeting rooms or break rooms in your space. Make sure you always geo-fence your tiles as tightly as possible to mitigate any risk.

Nexudus provides native integrations with several access control providers that use their own readers, offering heightened security for critical areas of your space. Some providers are also integrated with our Passport App.

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