Custom Fields
  • 28 Jun 2021
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Custom Fields

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What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields help you gather and leverage specific data beyond the default fields available in Nexudus.

They are additional fields that you define according to your space's needs. You can include them in one or several of the forms customers can fill out on the Members Portal.

For example, if you wanted to know if your customers prefer cats or dogs, you could include a custom field that lets your customers select Cats, Dogs or Both as an answer.

Custom fields can be viewed and edited in every customer account either through the Members Portal or the Admin Panel.

How Custom Fields Work

You add custom fields and select in which Members Portal forms they should be included. Customers fill out the custom fields and you can gather data that's relevant to your space and not covered in the standard forms provided for the Members Portal.

Where You Can Add Custom Fields

You can add custom fields to the following Members Portal forms:

  • Signup Forms
  • Profile Forms
  • Tour Request Forms

Including Custom Fields in Message Macros & Document Templates

You can use up to 30 custom fields in message tokens.

You can leverage the data of your custom fields to customise message macros and document templates. Each custom field is named Custom followed by its Internal Index number that you can find in every custom field record page.