• 09 Jul 2021
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You can view a summary of today's bookings, unpaid invoices, how many people are signed in, and more. When you click any of the summary items in the dashboard, you are taken to the relevant area of Nexudus, where you can view further details. For example, clicking Bookings today takes you right to the bookings calendar.


By default, the charts in the dashboard show information from the last 12 months, but you can view information from the last 30 days by clicking Last 30 days. Hold the mouse pointer over a month or day in the chart to view information for that point in time.

General tab

In this tab, you can see a summary of the following information:

  • Bookings Today: how many bookings have been made for today.
  • Unpaid invoices: the total balance of unpaid invoices.
  • Contracts Ending: How many member contracts are about to end in the next 30 days.
  • Contact Messages: How many contact messages are waiting to be read.
  • Visitors today: How many visitors are expected today.
  • Users in the space: How many customers are currently checked in to the space.
  • Help Desk Messages: Whether there are any open help desk messages.
  • Charts showing summaries of contracts and revenue over time.

Memberships tab

This tab displays an overview of the customers with a current or past contract. It shows:

  • New members: the numbers of members (customers with an active contract) registered in the last ten days.
  • Total members: the total number of members (customers with an active contract).
  • Total contracts: the total number of active contracts. Keep in mind that a customer could have several active contracts.
  • Ending contracts: The number of contracts that will be cancelled in the next 30 days.
  • New contracts: contracts starting this month.
  • Cancelled contracts: Contracts ending this month.
  • Charts showing summaries of new members and contracts and sign-ups and cancellations over time.

Finance tab

In this tab, you can view a summary of your financial transactions:

  • Payments: the total amount of payments received this month.
  • Debt position: the total debt position (the amount of money you have invoiced that has not yet been paid)
  • Failed payments: the total value of any failed incoming payments.
  • Refunds: the total value of any refunds issued in the past month.
  • Target revenue: the maximum revenue from desks and offices, in other words, the amount of money you could generate if they were all occupied. Make sure you assign a target price to every one of your floor plan items.
  • Recurrent revenue: revenue from customers with active contracts.
  • Revenue occupancy: the amount of money generated from your desks and offices over the total amount you could generate if they were all occupied.
  • Charts showing the total value of invoices and revenue over time

Occupancy tab

This tab shows a summary of how full the space is:

  • Current Occupancy: the percentage of total, office and desk and hot-desk potential occupancy currently being used.
  • Office/Desk/HotDesk Occupancy: same as above but split by the type of unit.
  • Charts showing a summary of office, dedicated desk and hot desk occupancy.

Bookings tab

This tab shows a summary of recent bookings.

  • Bookings this month: the number of bookings that have been made this month.
  • Booking time this month: the total amount of time (in minutes) that has been booked this month.
  • Bookings revenue this month: the amount of revenue that has come from bookings this month.
  • A chart showing incoming revenue over time.

CRM tab

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. On this tab, you can view a summary of sales opportunities, as follows:

  • The numbers of total won and lost sales opportunities and the total value of won opportunities.
  • Charts showing the numbers and values of the total, won, and lost opportunities.

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