Integrating PaperCut
  • 10 Nov 2021
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Integrating PaperCut

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What You Need to Integrate PaperCut

To complete the integration you need the following:

  • A PaperCut License
  • A Windows Device
While the PaperCut software can be downloaded on any device, the PaperCut extender required to complete the integration with Nexudus is currently only available for Windows devices. 

  • A Credit Type Dedicated to Printing in Nexudus 
  • A Product Dedicated to Printing in Nexudus

Once you have PaperCut NG set up and working in your environment it will track users printing via your office print server. There are also options to charge for members' copying and scanning in more complex environments. Please contact PaperCut for more information about PaperCut MF. Once you have PaperCut NG or MF working, you can install the Nexudus integration and the PaperCut software will validate that the member has enough credit.

The computer where PaperCut is installed, will also run the Nexudus PaperCut Extender, which will provide the bridge between PaperCut and your Nexudus Spaces account. Currently, Nexudus Spaces PaperCut Extender only runs on Windows. Nexudus is compatible with both NG and MF versions of PaperCut.

Integrating Papercut

Step 1. Enabling the PaperCut Integration in Nexudus

  1. Click Settings > Integrations > PaperCut
  2. Set the Enable toggle to YES. 
  3. Set the New customers can print for free toggle to YES if you want to make printing free. 
  4. Set the New customers should be set as unrestricted users in PaperCut toggle to YES if you want customers who run out of printing credits to still be able to print and be charged on their next invoice for it.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Step 2. Download and Install PaperCut on Your Device

Download the Windows version of PaperCut from here.

Launch the installation process and follow the wizard. We recommend Standard installation.


Wait until the installation is finished and make sure the checkbox Open application and complete configuration is selected.



Choose a license type based on your PaperCut license.


Define how much to charge for each printed page by default. Later you will be able to set different prices for each printer and print types, such as color and size.

This price will be multiplied by the standard print in your Nexudus account to determine the price per page, this should be a whole number.

For example, if this is set to 5 and you set the printing product price to $0.01 in Nexudus, then you will charge 5 x $0.01 = $0.05 per page for printing.



Make sure that the initial credit is set to 0 so that users cannot print if they don't have credit.



Select "Windows Standard" as the users source and finish the configuration wizard.

Once you are in the PaperCut administration panel click Options and then User/Group Sync.



 Locate and activate the Enable internal users checkbox. Make sure all settings are as in the image below. Click Apply.



In the main menu, click Options and then General.



In the "Display Options" section, change the currency settings as per the image below. Notice the space before "credits" in the "Custom sign" field.



Set all the printers you want members to use as Unauthenticated printer. This will mean users will have to enter a username and password to use the printer. This username and password will be automatically emailed to members with credits to print. To do this, access the details page of each of those printers.



 Click OK to save the changes.

Step 3. Installing the Nexudus PaperCut Extender on Your Device 

Nexudus PaperCut Extender will provide the link between the Nexudus servers and your PaperCut installation. Typically, you will install the Extender in the same PC where you installed PaperCut, but this is not required. You can install it in any Windows PC with access to the PaperCut installation.

Download the Nexudus PaperCut Extender by pasting the following URL in another browser tab:

Open the extender file and follow the setup instructions to complete the installation.



Once you complete the installation, the Extender will automatically load and show the configuration screen below.


  1. The address of the PaperCut server. If you have installed the Extender on the same PC as PaperCut you can leave the default value "localhost".

  2. The admin password you choose when installing PaperCut. 
  1. Click Connect. The button should go green if the connection is successful.

  2. The email address of the admin account you want to use to connect to your Nexudus account. We recommend you create a full unrestricted admin user dedicated to the PaperCut integration. 

    If you want to use a restricted user, you can create a user role in Nexudus with the following permissions:

    • Coworker-List
    • Coworker-Read
    • Coworker-Edit
    • ExtraService-List
    • ExtraService-Read
    • Business-List
    • Business-Read
    • Product-List
    • Product-Read
    • Team-List
    • Team-Read
    • CoworkerProduct-List
    • CoworkerProduct-Read
    • CoworkerProduct-Create
    • CoworkerProduct-Update
    • CoworkerExtraService-List
    • CoworkerExtraService-Read
    • CoworkerExtraService-Create
    • BusinessSettings-List
    • BusinessSettings-Read
  3. The password of the user selected in the previous step.

  4. Click Connect. The button should go green if the connection is successful.

  5. Select the printing credit you've created in your Nexudus account for printing.

  6. Select the printing product you've created in your Nexudus account for printing.

  7. Hide the extender.

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