Inventory FAQ
  • 19 Jul 2021
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Inventory FAQ

Yes. From the dashboard, go to Inventory > Plans, click the name of the plan, whose link you want to view and at the bottom of the page you'll see a Sign up links section.

How can I give members of a particular plan different prices?

This can be done by defining discounted/different prices for those memberships. You can also alter the unit price on a membership plan when you set up the contract or the proposal.

What is the best way to set up a deposit for new members?

The best way is to create a "deposit product" and add it to the plan. This will let you have more control over the reports that your platform offers. You must first add the product via Inventory > Products and then add it to the plan that you want.‌

When someone signs up to a plan, how long does it take to create the first invoice?

When a new Contract is added, it is normally processed within 15 minutes and the invoice is created automatically unless a start date in the future was set manually from the Admin panel to the Contract.

How can I remove a plan from the member's portal?

From the dashboard, go to Inventory > Plans, click the name of the plan and then turn off display this plan on the website. 

In addition to the integration via Wi-Fi or RFID, is there any other way to check in on Nexudus?

There are several alternatives:‌

  • Manually: from the dashboard using the check-in module.
  • iPad check-in: via the iPad app available in your Nexudus account.
  • Access controls: you can control access to the space (linked to time passes) integrating access controls.

Does Nexudus have an app for bookings and check-ins?

Yes, we have an app with some customizable elements for Android and iOS.

When someone registers via NexIO for iPad, where is the data stored?

It is stored in the subscriber group called Visitors.‌

Can I customize the appearance on Passport by Nexudus app?

You can enable or disable the features that you want to use on the app. You can also choose the layout's color. To configure these settings, go to Settings -> Apps -> Passport Apps.‌

Is it possible to sell passes for contacts (in addition to members)?

Yes. They also have a pass tab which you can use to assign passes to them.‌ Please note passes are typically sold as products.

Can I keep a count of visitors allowed to a space? How can I manage this?

This can be easily managed by creating a visitor pass. If this pass is a part of a plan, you can add this in the pass section of the plan. Otherwise, you can create a product 'visitor' and assign a visitor pass to it.‌

Limits cannot be breached, once a member in this plan reaches them, they will not be able to check-in, even if they have additional day passes. The easiest option is not to use the Limits tab in the plans and create a pass with the right number of minutes for each membership. Then assign 1 unit of that pass using the option Every time the plan is renewed when adding it to the plans.‌

A plan allows 10 mornings and 10 evening passes. How to add these in the system?

Part-time passes can be added by creating two passes, one for morning and another for the evening. Remember to specify the times of the passes by selecting the time slots for each day of the week. Example: 10 AM to 2 PM for morning pass and 2 PM to 6 PM for the evening pass. Once these have been configured, you can add 10 of each time pass under the passes section of the plan. If the member uses the space for a full day, 10 AM to 6 PM, he has effectively used two passes (one of each type) 

I am having trouble assigning a desk to a new member after the cancellation of occupancy by another member.

Please bear in mind that the desk/ office needs to be available for the full duration of the Contract. There cannot be any an overlap in Contracts start/end/period, or you will not be able to assign the desk to another contract.

For example, if a Customer A wants to have to be assigned to Dedicated desk which was previously assigned to another customer (Customer B) Customer A can only get this dedicated Desk put under his/her name with starting a new contract. The system won't retrospectively allow you to allocate the same desk to Customer A because the contract of Customer A and B could have been active at the same time. 

What's the best way to charge new members a refundable key deposit?

Refundable deposits are best represented as Products. You can also assign them to dedicated deposit financial accounts. In your accrual reports, you will also see how much liable deposit revenue you have based on how many deposit products you have sold but not yet refunded. This product once created should be added to the sign-up fees tab under the relevant price plan.

How to set-up refundable deposits as part of a plan?

First, create a product in the Inventory > Products section. Add this product in the sign-up fees tab inside the plan. Products added in the sign-up section of the plan will be billed in the first invoice.

How can I organize how my resources are displayed on the space website?

There are two ways to do this. Resources have a Position option. Enter a number to control where the resource appears. For example, if you enter 3, then it will appear third.‌ You can adjust the this when you first add the resource by using the Position option to set where the resource appears‌.
You can also edit the position later. To do so, go to Inventory > Booking Resources, click the resource you want to edit. In the Details tab, set the Position option.


What does the "available time slot" in a resource mean?

Time slots in the resource indicate when a room is available, while time slots in the resource rates indicate when a price (rate) for a particular type or resource is to be offered.‌

We have two conference rooms (one large, one small) and we want 10 hours to be included with each plan so that users can use either room. Is it possible to do so without adding five hours to one or the other? It is possible.

All you have to do is create a new extra service. You can name it "Access to any Room" and link it to both large and small room types. Make sure you set the fields Min Length and Max Length and the prices are set to zero. This will make sure the system never picks this rate automatically as a rate for a booking. Lastly, add 600 minutes (10 hours) of this extra service to the plan.‌

Can I have a single resource type for all the meeting/conference rooms?

Yes, you can do so if all the meeting/conference rooms are charged similarly. If the prices are different then you should have different resource types to represent a group of resources.

I am trying to delete a resource price but I receive the message "Could not delete this record.

There is another record which is related to the one you want to delete. Delete the related record before deleting this one.Make sure that the resource price that you're trying to delete is not linked to another resource price set up on your account.

How can I have different resource price for contacts (non-members) and members?

This can be easily done by enabling the only for contacts option on a resource price. When this option is enabled, the resource rate is applicable to contacts only. This would mean that you should have two resource rates. One for the contacts and other for the members. If none of the options is enabled, this would mean that the prices are the same for both members and non-members (i.e. contacts).‌

How can I add prices for half-day and full-day?

This can be done by using minimum and maximum length options in the resource rate.‌Example: The space offers a meeting room for $20/hour, $60 for half-day (4 hours) and $100 for full-day (8 hours). This can be set by creating two resource rates.
The first-rate will define the hourly rate and half-day rate whereas the second rate will define the rate for more than the half-day and until the full day.‌For the first resource rate, representing the hourly rate for less than 4 hours, add the hourly price as normal, enter the half-day rate in the maximum price field and in the maximum length field enter 240 mins. This would mean that this resource rate is active till the 240th minute. It will calculate the prices at $20/hr until it reaches the maximum price of $60.
For the second resource rate, set the hourly rate as $20, maximum price as $100, minimum time field as 241, fixed-length as 240 and fixed price cost as $60. This would mean that this resource rate is active for a booking of 240 minutes or more. The fixed price and length parameters set the minimum base rate as $60, and then hourly rate of $20 until $100 is reached.‌

Why is my meeting room or resource displaying a -$1 price?

It means there is no price to cover the selected booking scenario, examples include, no price for the booking time, no price for contacts, no price for members with that plan.

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