Onboarding Process with Nexudus
  • 29 Apr 2022
  • 4 Minutes to read

Onboarding Process with Nexudus

As part of your onboarding process, Nexudus team will actively be involved in the setup of your account as well as your training. By the end of this article, you'll have a clear picture of how the onboarding process works and by following it you'll be all set to start using Nexudus soon!

Onboarding process varies per space and depends on the complexity and integrations, but a good practice is to give yourself around 4 weeks to complete it.

To summarize, the process will follow the below steps:

  1. Adding payment details and removal of dummy data.
  2. Setup of your account with your inventory.
  3. Introduction to support and testing phase.
  4. The introductory calls with support and self-training.
  5. Import of members (if applicable).

Adding payment details and removal of dummy data

To prepare your account for the onboarding, there are initial steps that have to be done on both yours and Nexudus Team side.

Payment details

Adding payment details to your Nexudus account. These payment details will be used to pay for your Nexudus subscription. You can pay for Nexudus using credit/debit card, Direct Debit (limited countries) and PayPal. First two methods will enable automated payments so you do not need to worry about manual payments. If you have questions about subscription costs, please check our article Nexudus subscription. Please note that the account will be billed automatically once your trial period ends.

To add your subscription payment, follow our tutorial on Adding a Payment Method to your Nexudus account.

Dummy data removal

To start setting up your account, your initial dummy data needs to be removed. Please contact your account manager or sales@nexudus.com to complete this step.

Setup of your account with your inventory


When going live with Nexudus system, you can set up your space inventory yourself following our extensive guides library. 

To set up your own account you can use our Inventory video. Please remember to book your introductory calls to make sure everything works as intended.

Nexudus-assisted setup

Nexudus team is there for you and can help you in setting up your inventory in your Nexudus account. For that purpose, we have created a Nexudus Basic Settings (Inventory Setup) file attached to this guide. It is enough that you fill this information and send it to your account manager or sales@nexudus.com and sit comfortably while we do it for you!

Nexudus team can help you in the account setup and guide you through the onboarding process. Please contact your account manager or reach out to sales@nexudus.com to get help. It is included in the Coworking Professional and Enterprise package.

Introduction to support and testing phase

Once your account is configured by your account manager, you will be introduced to our support team who will help you with all further operational questions about Nexudus functionality or integrations.

It is important that you take your time to test the end-user journey and configure the platform in a way that meets your expectations before adding any customers data to the account. 

At this point, it is a good time to start testing different integrations you are going to implement in your location. 

If you are a subscriber of Coworking Professional and Enterprise package, you have access to our email support at support@nexudus.com.

Introductory calls with support and self-training


We have created this Knowledge Base to help you with learning about the platform.

You can search for an article or topic in the Knowledge Base by adding any query to the search bar.

We have created a module where you can find our training videos and learn easily about the platform in your own time.

Booking your introductory calls

Subscribers of Coworking Professional and Coworking Enterprise package can claim two free 1-hour calls with our support team during your onboarding. We recommend going through the introduction sessions before scheduling the call and use for the clarifying Q&A session and the setup review. A good practice is to have the first call before adding any customers data to the platform.

You can book your introductory calls by following our instructions on Booking Training Calls. All you need to do is select the first two options when booking your first and second introductory training calls. 

You can purchase additional packages for support, to do so please contact sales@nexudus.com.

Import of members (if applicable)


With a small amount of data or limited data-set, you can use our import files available in your Nexudus account to do it quickly yourself. You can also use this import functionality in the future when onboarding large teams of members instead of inputting all the data manually. You can read about self-import tools here: https://help.nexudus.com/v1/docs/data-imports.

Nexudus-assisted import

If you have your detailed members database that you want to import to Nexudus system, our support team can help you. For that purpose, we have created a Nexudus Import Template (Users Import) file attached to this guide. Please follow the information and instructions added to that file and do not edit, add or remove the columns, their names and the order they are in. Altering any of those will result in the import failing or being corrupted. Please note, that we cannot import any other files than attached in this guide. 

  • Please make sure that the account is set up and tested before importing your members.
  • Make sure the names of products/plans assigned to customers on the import sheet, match exactly the names of the same products/plans on Nexudus
  • Make sure all required columns have YES/NO answers
  • Welcome emails will be turned off by default. If you intend to send welcome emails, once the import is complete, you can go to Operations > Members & Contacts and choose the bulk action "Send Welcome Email"

Once you have all the data ready for import please send it to support@nexudus.com. Our support team can answer any questions you have regarding the import file, so please do not hesitate to ask.

Ready to go!

By following this guide you will make sure that you use all potential Nexudus can offer. If you have any questions about it or you want to share your feedback about the onboarding experience, please email sales@nexudus.com.