Using NexKiosk
  • 22 Jun 2021
  • 2 Minutes to read

Using NexKiosk

You can use NexKIOSK in Epos or Kiosk mode.

Using NexKIOSK in Epos Mode

Only staff with a full unrestrcited admin account in Nexudus admin account can use the Epos mode. NexKIOSK works like most staffed checkouts.

You add the products to the cart and then either charge customers on their next invoice or have them pay by card. If you want to let customers pay by card, you need to pair NexKIOSK with a Square or iZettle card reader beforehand.

  1. Tap the Epos tile.

  2. Tap on a customer name from the customer list.

  3. Tap on all the products you want to add to the customer's cart. The products appear on the right side of the screen as you add them.

corrected epos mode cart

  1. Tap Checkout.
    You can see your customer's unpaid invoices and available money credit from the checkout screen. This can help you decide which payment method to use.

epos checkout
4. Tap on Discount and enter a valid discount code if you want to apply a discount.

  1. Tap on Add Note and type any notes you may need to add.

  2. Choose a payment method:

  • Tap on Pay Later if you want to add the items to your customer's next invoice.
  • Tap on Charge if you want your customer to pay for their items immediately with their credit or debit card.
This payment method won't work if you haven't paired NexKIOSK to a card reader beforehand.

All set! You've successfully processed a customer's purchases using NexKIOSK.

Products purchased through NexKIOSK will appear on customer invoices as any other purchase. If customers are part of a team with merged invoices, their purchases will show on the paying member's invoice.

Using NexKIOSK in Kiosk Mode

Customers can use the app on their own in Kiosk mode. They log in using either the Passport app or their email address and PIN code.

Customers should have received their PIN code when they joined your space. They can also find it by simply logging in to the members portal and clicking on My Account > Password.

If you have the Passport app on your phone, open the app and tap your phone on the

home screen kiosk mode

If you don't have the Passport app, tap on Login using email. Type your email address along with your PIN code.
login email kiosk mode
login pin kiosk mode

  1. Tap on a product category to see the products available.

  2. Tap on the products you want to add to your cart.
    purchase kiosk mode
    You can also tap on the arrow next to the price to see the details of a product.
    purchasing open dropdown kiosk mode

  3. Tap on the cart icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to review the products you've added to your cart and edit quantity.
    You exit the cart view by tapping the arrow in the top left corner of the screen.
    cart open kiosk mode

  4. Tap on Checkout once you've selected all your products.
    purchase kiosk mode (1)

  5. Pay for your purchase in one of the following ways:

  • Tap on Add to Bill if you want to add this purchase to your next invoice.
  • Tap on Pay Now if you want to pay for this purchase with your credit or debit card.
    Ckeckout kiosk mode

If you chose to add your purchase to your next invoice, tap Confirm to validate your

checkout pay later message kiosk mode

If you chose to pay immediately, tap your credit or debit card on the card reader.

All set! You've completed your purchase using NexKIOSK