Chart of Accounts
  • 09 Dec 2021
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Chart of Accounts

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What Is the Chart of Accounts?

Your chart of accounts is essentially a map that matches every item you sell to a financial account. You access the chart of accounts page via Settings > Invoices & tax > Chart on the Admin Panel


Why Set up Your Chart of Accounts?

Setting up your chart of accounts is a crucial step if you plan on using one of our accounting integrations.

Every time you transfer invoices to an integrated accounting platforms, Nexudus tries to match each invoiced item to a financial account on the accounting platform. If invoice items aren't assigned a financial account or the accounts don't match, the invoice transfer fails.

Setting up your chart of accounts is also a great way to get the most accurate revenue reports.

Chart of Accounts Sections

You can access your chart of accounts via Settings > Invoices & tax > Chart. It includes the following sections:

  • Products
  • Plans
  • Resources
  • Tickets
  • Passes


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