Connecting ELATEC Readers to PaperCut Printers
  • 24 Jan 2023
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Connecting ELATEC Readers to PaperCut Printers

Article Summary

This feature is only available if you use PaperCut MF.

You can connect ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech 2 (version 2 is required for the required BLE support) readers to your PaperCut MF printers and let your customers release their prints using their phone and the Passport app.

How PaperCut MF Printers Work with ELATEC Readers

All you need to do is plug in ELATEC TWN4 MultiTech 2 readers to your PaperCut MF printers and follow the setup instructions displayed on the printer.

Once the reader and the printer are connected, your customers can easily release print jobs using the Passport app or its white-label equivalent.

This connection is a quick and easy way to keep print releases secure while also simplifying the printing process for your customers. Once the readers are connected to your PaperCut MF printers, customers only need to enter their printing credentials once on the Passport app.

They can then release any of their print jobs by simply tapping the Release Prints tile on the app's home page and holding their phone close to the reader.


Alternatively, they can release their print jobs using their PIN code.


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