• 27 Apr 2023
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What are Contracts?

Contracts are the individual agreements between you and each space member. A new contract is generated every time a customer signs up to a plan.

The plan acts as a template that defines the settings of the contracts such as the billing period, pricing, deposits, and assigned desks.

A member can have multiple contracts and each contract can have different billing cycles and different start and end dates.‌

You can edit any contract via the Finance section of the Admin Panel. Any details or settings you edit from the contract will automatically override any presets from the plan.

Main Contracts

Every customer has a main contract. If a customer only has one contract, it is their main contract by default.
When customers have multiple contracts, their main contract is the first contract added in Nexudus by default.

You can change a customer's main contract from the Sales tab of their account.

Plan-related tokens used in message macros and notifications templates always leverage data from the main contract.


Can customers have multiple main contracts?

No, customers can only have one main contract at all times.

How many contracts can customers have?

Customers can have up to 25 active contracts in their account. This doesn't include contracts that were already cancelled or contracts set to start at a future date.

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