• 08 Feb 2022
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What Are Discounts?

Discounts are simply a way to reduce the price of different items sold in your space. Discounts can be percentage-based, have a set value or both depending on their type.

You can use discounts in a range of scenarios such as encouraging new and exisiting customers to make more bookings or rewarding customers who reach a certain purchase threshold.

Discount Types

Nexudus offers multiple discount types to cover multiple business scenarios.

Discount Codes

Discount codes are the most versatile discount type available in Nexudus. These codes can applied to any booking or purchase processed on the Admin Panel or at checkout on the Members Portal.

You can define the following details:

  • The discount code's validity period
  • The discount code's online validity period
  • The discount code's amount (percentage off or set value)
  • The type of customers who can use the discount code
  • The specific inventory items that can be discounted
  • The maximum total number of times the discount code can be used
  • The maximum total number of times the discount code can be used by the same customer

Referral Discounts

Referral discounts are discounts displayed on your Members Portal.
You customers can click on the banner message and send a referral link to potential new customers.


If the person receiving the referral email signs up, the customer who referred them will receive the defined discount for their referral.

Team Discounts

Team discounts let you discount purchases made by any member of a team. Team discounts are set from the team's account and are automatically applied to invoices.

You can apply discounts to passes, plans, charges, and bookings.


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