Email Accounts
  • 16 Nov 2022
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Email Accounts

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What Are Email Accounts?

Email accounts are a quick and easy way to manage email exchanges you have with customers directly from Nexudus.

For example, you have an email address dedicated to answering customer queries. You can link this email account in Nexudus and find all your email exchanges with customers directly from each customer's record in Nexudus, even if you initially communicated with them over email outside of Nexudus.

How Email Accounts Work

Once you've configured the email account, any new message a customer sends to these accounts and any message you send to customers via the connected account is automatically synced in Nexudus and saved in the relevant customer's record under CRM > Messages.‌

Nexudus checks the connected inbox every 15 minutes and syncs any new messages.

If you want to monitor an account, you need the email address and password.

Nexudus can only monitor accounts from email providers that use the IMAP protocol.

Most providers such as Google, Outlook or Yahoo support this protocol.

Once you've set up an account and email monitoring is active, If any of the inbox messages comes from someone signed up to your space, it will automatically copy it to the corresponding customer account.‌


Can I connect multiple email accounts to one location?

Yes, you can connect more than one email account to your locations.

Can I choose not to use SSL encryption with connected email accounts?

Most email providers incoming/outcoming servers require SSL encryption and won't allow you to leave the SSL toggle disabled. Some providers don't require SSL encryption, but we strongly encourage you to use SSL encryption regardless to protect your space and your customers' privacy.