Embedded Pages
  • 10 May 2023
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Embedded Pages

Article summary

What are Embedded Pages?

Embedded pages let you connect external apps and websites to the Admin Panel that your admins can access by clicking on a custom icon in the Quick actions menu. All admins can see embedded pages by default.

How Embedded Pages work

You can use embedded pages one of two ways:

  • Linking a web page to your Admin Panel.
    For example, linking to your website to let admins get to it in a click without leaving the Admin Panel.

  • Adding a web app to your Admin Panel.
    For example, use an app directily from the Admin Panel.

You need a good understanding of web apps development and signed requests to use embedded pages this way.

Once you create and activate your embedded page, any admin with the can access it by clicking on its icon in the Quick actions menu.



Can I add an embedded page to my network to make it available in all my other locations?

No, embedded pages are bound to the location where you create them.

Can I have multiple embedded pages active at the same time?

Yes, you can have up to 10 active embedded page per location at any given time.

Can I hide embedded pages from some admins?

No, all admins who have access to the Admin Panel can see embedded pages. You can prevent roled admins from creating embedded pages by removing the create, change, and delete rights from the UiModule permission in all relevant roles.

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