Floor Plans
  • 27 Apr 2023
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Floor Plans

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What are Floor Plans?

Floor plans are visual representations of different floors in your space. They give admins and customers an overview of each floor's layout with its different rooms and areas. Floor plans help you collect information on how your space is currently used. Linking them to contracts can also help you track and project future occupancy.

Your customers can also use the Floor plan view on the Members Portal to know exactly where the resources they're booking are in your space.

Admin Panel viewMembers Portal view

How Floor Plans work

Floor plans work with two components: the floor plan itself and floor plan items.

You first need to create a floor plan, add an image of your floor and define its capacity. If your space has more than one floor, we recommend creating one floor plan per floor.

Once your floor plans are ready, you can start adding floor plan items to them. Each floor plan item represents a specific area of your space.

You can add the following items to your floor plans:

  • Offices

This item is suitable for any type of office in your space.

  • Dedicated desk

This item is suitable for any desk that you assign to contracts.

  • Hot-desk

This item is suitable for any hot-desk that you assign to contracts or that can be booked through a resource.

You can connect hot-desks to more than one contract.
  • Rooms

This item is suitable for any type of room that you make available to customers.

  • Other

This item is suitable for rooms or areas that don't match any other floor plan item type.

Once your floor plans include all the items you need, you can start:

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