Home Dashboard
  • 21 Sep 2023
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Home Dashboard

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What's the Home dashboard?

The Home dashboard is the first page admins see when they log in to your Admin Panel. This home dashboard includes a number of tabs that are customizable to let each admin see information that's most relevant to them and their team.

For example, a custom home dashboard that shows all scheduled visitors and tasks assigned to you as a space manager.


You can also share your home dashboards with other admins in your location to help your team stay on top of important space metrics and tasks.

How the Home dashboard works

You create a dashboard tab and then add any number of cards. Each card on your dashboard pulls data from your account, such as bookings, invoices, opportunities, and more. Some cards are general while others are related to records linked to you.

You're the only admin who can see your custom dashboard tabs by default.

You can easily share any of your custom tabs with all other admins with access to that location and even let them edit the tabs.


Do I need a specific role to create home dashboards?

No, any full unrestricted admin and any roled admin with the BusinessSettings permissions can create and share home dashboards.

Is there a limit on the number of custom dashboards I can add?

While there is no limitation on the number of custom dashboards you can create, we recommend keeping the number of tabs under 10 for easy browsing and optimal display.

Can I share my dashboards only with a select few admins?

No, you're the only user who can see your dashboards by default. If you share your dashboards they're automatically visible to admins with access to that location.

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