Integrating DoorFlow
  • 05 Apr 2023
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Integrating DoorFlow

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What You Need to Integrate Doorflow

A Doorflow Account

If you already have a Nexudus account but no Doorflow account, get in touch with Doorflow to install the system in your space and open your account.

Inventory Items in Nexudus

Access to your building is managed through three items available in Nexudus: passes, resources, and desks/offices. It is important to have these items set up in your space prior to the integration as they are connection points between Nexudus and your Doorflow access groups.

Access Groups in Doorflow

We recommend one access group per pass, resource, and desk or office in your floor plans.

For example, if your space offers:

  • 2 types of passes
  • 3 meeting rooms
  • 4 private offices

You need 9 access groups in Doorflow.

You don't need to manually create users in Doorflow. Nexudus manages this for you, including assigning them a PIN code or up to four access cards based on the details of each customer.

Nexudus automatically adds your customers as users in Doorflow when they purchase a pass, a contract for a desk or office or make a booking for one of the resources you have connected to an access group.

You must create and edit your access groups in Doorflow as you cannot do this in Nexudus.

Integrating Doorflow

  1. Log in to the Admin Panel if you aren't already.

  2. Enable the Doorflow integration toggle.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. Log in to your Doorflow account.

You are redirected to the Admin Panel.

  1. Select your Doorflow site.

  2. Select your site in the Check in customers at drop-down list.

  3. Click the Save Changes button.

A few new sections should pop up under the integration's settings.

Presence Tracking

This section lets you automatically trigger check-ins/outs when customers unlock specific doors.


If you choose Check in for a door, make sure customers have valid passes to access the building. Customers can still unlock doors without a valid pass, but they are automatically recorded as a failed check-in. You can track all failed check-ins via Operations > Failed check-ins on the Admin Panel.


This section lets you connect each resource available in your Nexudus account to Doorflow access groups. Any customer booking a connected resource will be able to unlock the relevant Doorflow doors.


Nexudus adds customers to Doorflow access groups 15 minutes before their booking starts. We also automatically remove them from the access groups 15 minutes after their booking ends.


This section lets you connect passes available in your Nexudus account to Doorflow access groups. Any customer holding a connected pass is able to unlock the relevant Doorflow doors.


Access times and days you define for the access group in Doorflow must match that of the passes. Nexudus cannot edit the access times defined in Doorflow groups. The Doorflow group availability always overrides any pass availability.

Desks and offices

This section lets you connect desks and offices in your Nexudus floor plan items to Doorflow access groups. Any customer with an active contract linked to a connected desk or office automatically gets the relevant Doorflow access.


Nexudus adds customers to the relevant Doorflow access groups on their contract's start date. We automatically remove them from the access groups on their contract's cancellation date.

Customers lose door access on their contract's cancellation day shortly after midnight.

If you want them to keep door access for the day, you can either add a connected pass to their account or move their contract's cancellation to the following day.

For example, if a customer contract ends on July 1st and you want them to access your space on the 1st, you can provide a day pass or move their contract's cancellation date to July 2nd.

Once you've assigned a cardholder group to every relevant item, you can click Save changes to complete the Doorflow integration.

For more information, check out Using Doorflow.

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